An M&K Ambassador is someone who embraces the M&K health journey and wants to share it with others. To become an M&K Ambassador just organize an event in your city. If you gather up 20 or more people who are interested in getting to know Tandy and M&K. Tandy will visit your city and host a custom 2 hour event just for you and your 20 friends.
Nunu Lollis
Nunu Lollis: Local artisan gluten and dairy free chocolate lollipops by NuNu's Chocolates.
Pink Salts
Pink Salts: M&K's first batch of M&K Love; Himalayan Pink Salt.
Tea: These cute envelopes were filled with an assortment of my favorite hot teas.
Thera Bands
Thera Bands: The best resistance band there is, hand cut Thera Bands.
VSX Voucher
VSX Voucher: 20% off Victoria's Secret Sport Vouchers!
Hugo Hair Conditioner
Hugo Hair Conditioner: Gluten Free, organic beauty product!
M&K Custom Cuff
M&K Custom Cuff: Custom M&K Cuff Bracelets to channel our inner Wonder Woman!
M&K Tank
M&K Tank: After a year and a half of asking, we finally got our custom logo tank made!
Sombra: Sombra: All natural pain relieving gel.
Pink Lamp
Pink Lamp: Pink Salt Lamps for air purification, relaxation and to balance 'screen time'
Epsom Salt Soak
Epsom Salt Soak: Essential Oil Epsom Salt Blends
Bee Pollen
Bee Pollen: Bee Pollen is an incredible natural source of amino acids and B vitamins!
Adult Coloring books
Adult Coloring books: A fun way to sneak in self-care and meditation time in your life.
Interested in becoming an M&K Ambassador?
Meet Our Ambassadors
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Butler, MO
Piper Bettels is the mother of twins and the owner of What to Wear Boutique in Butler, MO. She is a big fan and supporter of the M&K lifestyle.
, CA
Stacey Bloomer is a stay at home mom of two stunning boys. She appreciates the ease and flexibility of being able to do her M&K workout when she wants to.
Brooklyn, NY
Christine Herbeck does hair and makeup for film, fashion and private clients in her private studio located in Clinton Hill. She loves M&K for it's accessibility and fun!
Santa Rosa, CA
Stacey King is a mom of three busy young boys. She initially tried M&K to help with recovery from a back injury and has fallen in love with the M&K lifestyle! As a runner, former fencer and martial artist, she was skeptical. She is now a total convert! The workouts leave her feeling strong, balanced and buzzing with energy to support her busy family. Discovering M&K has been a gift for herself and her family, and she is passionate about spreading Tandy's messages of self-care and wellness in her community.
Fresno, Ca
I have been married for almost 16 years and have 3 wonderful children. I currently homeschool all 3 of my kids which we are loving. I love M&K! I have done many different programs throughout my life and I have to say that M&K is my favorite and the one that I have no trouble sticking with. Tandy has been such a blessing for me since my kids are home most of the time, I need something quick and effective and M&K fits the bill.
, WA
Denise Huffman is a wife and stay at home mom of two teens and a very busy 5 year old. She loves the fact that she can squeeze M&K into her day, whether it be early morning or late evening.
Ozark, MO
Brooke Street is a mother, wife, and Director at a non-profit organization. Between her family and work life, M&K has allowed her to take time out of her busy day to focus on her health whether she is at the office, at home, or traveling. You never know where you will see her on the mat.
Kew Gardens, NY
Dee Dee Horowitz is a stay at home mom to two kids. She loves the accessibility of the M&K workouts and feeling stronger and healthier under the guidance of Tandy.
Kansas City, MO
Natalie is an actress, playwright, director and a new mommy. She has M&K'd since 2013, and loves sharing what she's learned with friends and family - or anyone who will listen.
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